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Поздравление Microsoft Dynamics о принятии МИРЭА в ассоциированные члены.

(Список членов ассоциации Microsoft Dynamics) (строка 727 и 728 "Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering")

Congratulations! Your institution has been recognized as a Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance Associate level institution.

What does this mean?

Associate member institutions go above and beyond the Foundation level by deepening their relationship with the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance program. Examples of this level of participation include:
  • Connecting with a Microsoft Dynamics partner organization
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics in multiple disciplines
  • Promoting internships for students and posting student r?sum?s to Microsoft Students to Business (S2B)
  • Developing course materials to share on Faculty Connection
  • Attending the Microsoft Dynamics annual customer conference, Convergence

    Your school goes above and beyond the basic membership level and has demonstrated that it is committed to enriching the student experience with Microsoft Dynamics in the classroom!

    What does this mean for you?

    Member institutions at the Associate level have the opportunity to access additional benefits, including:
  • E-Learning for students
  • Vouchers for students or faculty to take certification exams at reduced or no-cost rates; when campaigns are available
  • Subsidized registration for faculty and students to attend select Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance seminars or events
  • Invitations to serve on the Americas or Europe, Middle East and Africa Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance advisory councils
  • Case study invitations for an innovative program

    Thank you for participating in the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance! We are excited about this initiative and with your help look forward to continuing to enrich your students’ experience in the classroom and to building a stronger relationship with you!

    Microsoft Dynamics® Academic Alliance
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